Fair Trade Day

Today is Fair Trade Day and you all are aware of how important this day is to all of us at Nomads.

Fair Trade Day is not only a global movement celebrated every year it is also about honouring fairness, ethics, trade practices, sustainability and supporting communities.

We support fair trade by promoting more equitable trading practices, but we are also helping to support communities and individuals who are working to build better lives for themselves and their families.

We proudly follow 10 principles of fair trade:
  • Creating opportunities for economically marginalized producers
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Fair trade practices
  • Fair payment
  • Ensuring no child labour and forced labour
  • non-discrimination , gender equity & freedom of association.
  • Ensuring good working conditions
  • Providing capacity building.
  • Promotion fair trade
  • Respect for the environment

By purchasing fair trade clothes you’re voting with your money for fair labor treatment and livable wages. We believe in doing our best for both people and the planet, and hold ourselves accountable to globally-recognised standards in organic textiles, ethical fashion and Fair Trade.

Nomads is more than just clothing, it's about appreciating the world, its beauty and treating people with kindness. A better world is possible if we all work together.

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