Earth Day

Today is Earth Day - an ode to our only home. We celebrate all we do throughout the year to help nourish our planet Earth.

What is Earth Day?
Earth Day is an annual celebration that honours the achievements of the environmental movement and by taking part we can all better understand, protect, and improve the environment and raise awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations.
Worldwide, people are celebrating Earth Day in various ways. If we want to keep our planet clean and safe for years to come, we need to reduce the amount of pollution we produce and fight against climate change.
Striving to do better by our planet and all that call it home.
In our endeavour to do better by the planet and those we share it with, we at Nomads consider the implications that each step of our journey has on the environment the global community, and all living things, taking steps to minimise our impact at every opportunity. From the eco-friendly dyes we use in our garments and actively seeking environmentally responsible materials, fibres, and methods at every opportunity right down to our Biodegradable packaging. From supporting the family-run businesses as part of our fair-trade policy to promoting circular fashion and lessening landfill our responsible approach to business reaches far and wide.
We believe that small changes can lead to the biggest impact and because feeling good in what we wear is about more than how it looks.
Why not celebrate Earth Day by helping the environment?
Here are some small steps that might make a difference - plant flowers and trees that encourage pollinators like bees and other insects and birds. Participate in a beach clean-up or litter pick on walks if you see rubbish, have a compost bin to dispose of food waste, recycle and upcycle your clothes, fight fast fashion or make your next meal plant based - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
How to make Earth Day every day - to be inspired to be more eco-friendly.
These steps can help us to build a healthier planet for our children's future. Remember, we only have one Earth. Let's take care of it.

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