Recycled Cotton & Bamboo

The peachy-soft bamboo & recycled cotton yarn we use for our SS23 knitwear feels as easy to wear as it is on the planet. A natural, breathable and biodegradable yarn with a sustainable focus, that wears beautifully. 

It’s everything you could want from your knitwear.

Crafted from a blend of recycled cotton and sustainable bamboo fibres produced in a closed-loop system, this soft and eco-friendly yarn is saving cast-offs from landfill and using less water than it takes to grow new cotton. 

In using good quality, repurposed materials to create new and exciting garments for you to wear over and over, we are able to play our part in reducing the amount of waste produced by the fashion & textile industries.


An innovative, soft and sustainable yarn made from a blend of recycled cotton and bamboo.


As one of the fastest growing resources on the planet, bamboo is highly sustainable when also produced in a closed-loop system.


Reusing perfectly good materials saves resources and reduces waste going to landfill.