LWG Gold rated leather

All the suede and leather we use in our collections is responsibly produced by LWG-certified tanneries using a by-product of the food industry. LWG suede fits with our sustainable materials ethos because it’s derived from natural cowhide and, unlike many ‘vegan’ or plastic-based leather substitutes, will naturally biodegrade when the time comes.

‘LWG’ stands for Leather Working Group, which is a community of stakeholders that was formed in 2005, and are working together to drive sustainability and best practice for responsible leather production. Leather and suede that is LWG certified has been manufactured in tanneries that work responsibly and meet LWG’s high environmental, chemical, traceability, social and governance audit standards. Their comprehensive audit criteria align with several of the UN Sustainability Goals, covering the complete production process from resource efficiency through safe working conditions to chemical emissions and waste management. You can read about the 17 separate sections covered in the LWG Leather Manufacturer Audit here.

By only ever using leather from LWG-certified tanneries, we’re able to create beautiful quality, responsibly made footwear for our customers that will stand the test of time, while helping to secure a more sustainably viable future for this heritage industry.

You’ll find fabric content and trimmings clearly listed in each of our product descriptions. If you’d like to learn more about our wider approach to sustainability, please click here.