GOTS and Organic Cotton

Organic is the best kind of cotton because it’s the kindest to the planet, the producers and the people who wear it. We love organic cotton because of its breathability, organic cotton will keep you cool in the summer, cosy in the winter, and give you far more wears between washing than synthetic fabrics, helping to reduce your water and energy consumption.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton is a much-loved fabric here at Nomads. Grown using methods that replenish and maintain soil fertility and without harmful chemicals, GOTS-certified cotton is not only better for the environment, but also for the cotton growers themselves. It’s also naturally biodegradable when the time eventually comes.

Nomads is a GOTS certified company

GOTS is the gold standard when it comes to the sustainable processing of textiles worldwide – and we have been proudly GOTS-certified since 2018. 

A GOTS label in a garment means you can be sure that it’s achieved strict criteria for social and ecological compliance, that cover the entire production process from growing and processing of organic textiles, through manufacturing, printing, dyeing, packaging & labelling, to the trading and distribution stages.

GOTS approved companies must demonstrably work to manage their environmental impact, maintain high social & ethical standards, reduce energy consumption and minimise their water usage. Every member of the GOTS approved supply chain (which includes us) must renew their certifications annually through independent inspection.

Our GOTS licence number is DK26875 and we can be found listed in the GOTS Certified Suppliers Database here.

Our GOTS certification means you can be sure of:


GOTS approved companies are more environmentally friendly and ecologically sound.

No harmful Chemicals

GOTS certified products do not contain the kind of harmful substances so often found in textile production.


GOTS certification is only maintained through regular physical inspections by independent auditors.

100% Organic Cotton

GOTS approved products must contain at least 70% organic fibre content. Ours generally contain 100%.


GOTS means clean & safe conditions for workers, without discrimination or child labour.


From the organic fibre growers to the garment fastenings & finishes, GOTS certified products must have a complete GOTS approved supply chain.

GOTS certified cotton & GOTS certified garments –What’s the difference?

All the organic cotton we use for Nomads clothing is GOTS-certified organic cotton. Where any one of the smaller artisans or producers we use is not GOTS approved, the final product cannot be a fully GOTS-certified garment. This means that where a garment carries the GOTS certification stamp and swing tag, you’ll know that every single step of its journey has been GOTS approved, not just the cotton itself. 

Look out for the GOTS symbol in many of our garments.

We love GOTS organic cotton because it’s:

The breathable organic cotton fibres help keep you warm and cosy in winter, yet cool and comfortable in summer.

When you part ways after many happy years of wear, organic cotton will naturally decompose in soil.

Machine washable
Organic cotton is 100% machine washable. But you’ll probably find it needs washing less often than synthetic fibres. 

Environmentally friendly
Organic cotton production eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, improves soil health and increases water conservation.

The natural fibres of organic cotton are hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin.