Code of Conduct

Transparency & Accountability-

All suppliers must provide us with transaction certificates for fabrics and original fibres so that we can trace the source of our fabrics and check the supply chain from start to finish. These must be submitted to Nomads before final season payments are made.

GOTS certificates must be kept up to date and copies submitted to Nomads for all GOTS certified suppliers before final season payments are made.

SEDEX certificates must be kept up to date and copies submitted to Nomads for all SEDEX certified suppliers before final season payments are made.

Transaction certificates must be provided to show that any Non-organic cotton has been bought fair-trade.

Viscose should be sourced from Birla viscose (or similar) who use the ‘Closed Loop’ system and adhere to strict environmental policies. Transaction certificates must be provided.

Details need to be provided of Dyers and Printers for traceability.

Payment of a fair price

Cost of goods must be worked out fairly.

A fair wage is paid at or above the Local Living Wage.

Men and women are paid equally for same work.

Ensuring no child labour and forced labour

No children under the age of 18 are involved in the making of our clothing.

No forced labour. All employees must be working of their own free will.

We are aware that Modern Slavery is a hidden issue in society and are committed to vigilance and will not accept this anywhere in our supply chain.

Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equity & Freedom of Association-

Our suppliers must not tolerate discrimination of any kind

Employees must have freedom of association to join trade unions if available and the right to collective bargaining.

Pensions must be available as well as holidays, in accordance with government legislation.

Our suppliers must work towards equality for men and women in both pay and opportunity. Men and women must be paid equally for the same work.

Ensuring Good Working Conditions-

Health and safety must be regulated and upheld to set good standards, as are working hours set to be fair under government legislation.

Excessive working hours are not allowed.

Workers must be provided regular breaks and holidays.

Safe and clean working conditions must be provided for all workers, including allowing for the safe working of staff regarding COVID-19 precautions.

We do not tolerate harsh or inhumane treatment

Respect for the Environment-

We consider the impact on the environment that each step of our journey takes, and actively seek to use environmentally friendly materials and methods at every opportunity.

Aim to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastics within your office and factory. Do not use plastic when sending us samples. Consider removing single use plastics from your business including water bottles, plastic bags etc.

Aim for clean energy sources including electricity to come from renewable sources.

We only use natural fibres in our products and the farming and harvesting of these must not contribute to habitat loss or destruction.

We do not use Formaldehyde, Azo, Phthalates, Alkylphenols or PVC in any form.

We do not use abrasive treatments to create our garments including sandblasting, bleaching, stonewashing.

Employees in the factories should be given information and training to conserve energy and not waste water. Environment protection training should be given to all workers.

Water recycling plants must be used at our factories and fabric mills.

All factory discharges must be within legal limits and have minimal impact on the environment and people.

Our goods are shipped by sea as much as possible. Please aim to have 100% sea shipped.
Only in cases where our suppliers have faced significant delays do we air freight garments.

Our fabrics and trims must be locally sourced in India to reduce the carbon footprint of every garment.

Wastepaper, glass and plastic from offices and factories must be recycled.

Our suppliers must work hard on efficient pattern lays to reduce waste fabric

Left over fabric should be sold on for reuse at the end of a season and any scrap fabrics must be recycled and not go to landfill.

Respect for Animal Welfare

We do not use animal products within our garments, with the exception of LWG gold rated suede.

No animal products are used in the making of dyes.

All Dyes and other products used in the manufacture of our garments MUST NOT be tested on animals.