A new year for Nomads

2023 is well underway now and the long-awaited springtime is finally upon us. Longer days and more daylight hours are set to bring about some much-needed vitamin D and the spring flowers are beginning their bloom. The transformation from winter to spring is often filled with beautiful scenery, waking us from our winter hibernation and bringing the end to what has been a difficult season for many of us.  

As the season changes, we’ve been changing too – the arrival of our SS23 collection has brought with it new eco-fabrics like our BCI cotton range.
We have a brand-new logo and website this year, which has been very exciting for us at Nomads. Despite the changes to our look, our ethos has remained the same: slow, ethical and Fair Trade fashion with a focus on eco-fabrics.
Our new catchphrase LIVE. BREATHE. WEAR. has been added, drawing on the cyclical nature of life. It also comments on the importance of wearing clothes that enhance your daily lives and connects with you and your values.
We wanted to say a big thank you to every single one of you. Without you, Nomads would not be possible. We hope to keep inspiring people to consider their fashion choices and opt for the slow, sustainable, and ethical option wherever possible.
Love Nomads x

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