Our cotton

All the cotton used in the Nomads collection is grown in India and produced in accordance with our Fair Trade policy – ensuring fair treatment and wages to workers, and minimising environmental impact. Cotton has always been our first choice of fabric, and we are proud to have grown the Nomads brand around this while also helping to grow the economy in India.

50% of the Nomads range is made in GOTS-certified organic cotton, whilst 30% is made in non-organic cotton.

Growing cotton and manufacturing cotton into textiles has been going on in India since prehistoric times. It’s played such an important role in the country’s historical and cultural development that it’s often referred to as “white gold.”

Today, cotton continues to be the main textile produced in India, and the government there has been working hard to secure the industry’s stability and sustainability for the future. They are making cotton production ever more eco-friendly, continually improving rain-fed cotton cultivation and integrating crop and pest management.


Cotton has always been our first choice of fabric


Locally sourced in India and is fully traceable


We ask our suppliers to provide us with transaction certificates.