Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week was launched in 2008 and takes place the first full week of September each year. The aim of Zero Waste Week is to encourage participants to reduce landfill and rethink waste. Accepting imperfection is a great place to start. We know we aren’t perfect, there’s much more work to be done, but this alone drives us to keep improving.

How we're getting involved

Our team already recycle whatever we can. Paper, cardboard, and plastic are all correctly recycled and all our packaging is plastic-free and collected for recycling.
Unfortunately, Launceston does not have a TerraCycle point, so we have discussed taking part in a TerraCycle scheme to have our miscellaneous plastics properly recycled.
Scrap paper station
We try to be paperless wherever we can, but we know this isn’t always possible. Any paper that has been used and can be used again goes into our scrap paper station. This allows everyone in the office to use this paper wherever possible, making sure it has had the most out of it.
One mug a day
This idea was given to us by zero waste week themselves. We are introducing a new rule: one mug per day. This reduces the number of mugs we use daily and will mean we have less washing-up to do.
Litter picking
We recently embarked on a group beach clean, where we spent over an hour together to pick litter up from our local beach.
We enjoyed this process a lot and have decided to keep partaking in litter picking in and around the areas we live in. We are aiming for once every month and will consist of litter picking done by individuals at Nomads, as well as groups of us. These can be done after work, during work, on our lunch breaks and also in our spare time. We will document these wherever we can to show you how we get on.

 How you get can get involved

There are different ways you can get involved but here's Zero Waste Week's step by step plan to get you started:

Download a resource for hints, tips and ideas.

Pick a theme – popular ones in the past have been food waste, plastic packaging and repair.

Set a goal – will you reduce your landfill waste by 10%? Banish food waste for two days? Or go all in and challenge yourselves to a completely waste free week?

Think about your why – WHY do you want to achieve your goal? This will keep you accountable to yourself and on the bandwagon when things get tough.

Declare your challenge – tell colleagues, friends and family members. Take to social media, using the hashtag #ZeroWasteWeek

Invite others – it’s so much more fun to do challenges with others. Set up a Zero Waste challenge at work, your local community, at home or with your customers.

Have fun – enjoy your week, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes.

You can also sign up to Zero Waste Week's news letter here >

If you partake in zero waste week, let us know how you get on. You can also leave us a comment with any suggestions of more things we can do. Keep an eye on our social media for more zero waste week content too!

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  • Catherine Ward

    Well done , fingers crossed for more active involvement

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