The Nomads Team

As advocates of the slow fashion movement our vision has always been to lead by example and inspire positive change within the fashion industry.
Transparency is important to us, and this comes in all forms. It is vital that you know who makes the clothes we sell, but we think this applies to all areas of our wonderful business. With this in mind, we wanted to introduce you to the Nomads Team, many of whom you may have spoken with.


Mailorder / Customer service
I work mostly in Mailorder, which means answering the phones, writing emails, picking & packing your orders, and processing any returns or exchanges. I also help in other areas of the warehouse at the times when we are very busy.
I am a classically trained scientist and own 2 microscopes and a telescope for the days I feel inquisitive. I love spicy food and enjoy eating in the local cafes. I also love colourful clothing and I often have brightly coloured hair. I love animals, especially my two dogs Storm and Deefer.
My favourite print from AW23 is the Mushrooms – I love nature!


My role at Nomads is to work alongside Kate, our Designer, to develop the collection. This includes researching trends and working closely with factories to deliver top quality products at the best prices for our customers.
I live in Devon by the sea with my family of 4 and a little sausage dog Dottie. I enjoy living in this part of the world and I spend lots of time on the beach. I love food, but my absolute favourite would have to be Thai food. 
My favourite print from AW23 is the Marine print – this one really stands out for me.


Graphic designer
I am the graphic designer here at Nomads, and I spend my time ensuring the overall brand guidelines are fresh and true to our brand. I design the look of our emails, as well as the website images and graphics for social media. I also design point of sale for our wholesale customers, as well as any leaflets and offline marketing.
I have two young children – we love going to the Heligan gardens or to the beach together. I enjoy taking photos of these trips too. I drink a lot of tea (with two sugars) and will never turn down a slice of cake. I enjoy a spa day with my friends or my wonderful husband when we find the time – don’t forget the fizz!
My favourite print from AW23 is Isla – I love the colour palette and can’t wait to wear this print.


Warehouse / Customer service
My job is primarily in the warehouse, working with the wonderful wholesale customers. I really love the vast range of tasks that my job covers – no day is the same.
In my free time I like making jewellery, I made a signet ring from my great-grandfather’s tap, which is probably my favourite piece so far. I also enjoy book binding; woodwork; and I seem to have an ever-growing collection of ties.
My favourite print from AW23 is the Kite print – I like the colours of this one.


Social media / Customer service

At Nomads I run the social media pages, which includes making videos and working closely with Claire to produce graphics for our online audience. I also spend my time writing the product descriptions, as well as generally editing the text on and offline, which includes emails and blogs.
I am a creative person by nature, so I often express myself through acting, dancing, or creating things. I love reading books and *attempting* to write short stories and poems. Being outside feels amazing, so I like to go for walks on the moors. I also do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with my wonderful partner and have a blue belt (hopefully many more to go).
My favourite print from AW23 is Freya – it gives me 70s vibes and I love that.


 Head of design
I am head of Design at Nomads and oversee all the Nomads collections, colour, and prints, as well as organising the photoshoot and thinking about how the brand looks overall. I have been at Nomads for 7 years and love the friendly team and ethical beliefs of the brand.
It’s amazing living in Devon and Cornwall, there is so much beautiful scenery, perfect for walks with my whippet Sky, exploring the beaches and countryside. I love travelling locally and to more far-flung places, exploring new cultures, art, and design. Visiting India twice a year to see our suppliers and our production manager Manojj gives me the chance to do this too. I love Indian food, so it’s great to try new things on my visits but my absolute favourite food is Japanese or Vietnamese, an amazing country to visit too.
My favourite print from AW23 is the Seed print – I love the simplicity of this one.

Kate H

At Nomads, I work closely with Kate, gathering inspiration for prints and shapes for the upcoming seasons. I support with design and enjoy working to help develop high-quality, fashionable items.
I have two young children who I adore. I love nutrition and eating healthy foods (when I’m not buying biscuits for the office) and I’m always cooking at home. I love being creative and enjoy painting (when I can find the time). I love spending time with my friends with a glass of wine too. 
My favourite print from AW23 is Batik Flower – the colours of this print really stand out for me.


Website manager / Warehouse manager
I split my time between the office and the warehouse, where I do a number of different tasks on a daily basis. I love the versatility that my job brings, and no two days are ever the same. I manage the retail website, but also do a lot of behind-the-scenes IT for wholesale too.
I have two daughters, one of whom works for Nomads too, two border collies (who are also like children) and two cats. Can you tell I like animals? I spend a lot of my free time with the dogs, but I also enjoy going for coffee and the occasional beer with Mimansa. My youngest daughter lives in Switzerland, who I go to visit whenever I can – it’s a beautiful country.
My favourite print from AW23 is the Silhouette print in Peacock – I love the other colourway too.


At Nomads I handle marketing and am involved in the strategic decision making that happens behind the scenes. I have travelled over from India to work alongside the team, and with over 13+ years of experience from various industries I am geared up to contribute towards the development & growth of the company.
As an individual, I am passionate about my life. I love to travel, listen to music, watch sports and this adds a diverse dimension to my personality. I am an easy-going person, friendly and want to explore the world around me with the people I love and care about.
My favourite print from AW23 is the Spot print – I love the simplicity and the colours.


Sales / Customer service
I spend my time at work running the Wholesale side of Nomads – customer service, logistics, working with our lovely agents in the UK and EU – and much more.
I love living in Cornwall: van weekends away with my husband, walking the coastal paths, a good potter at home (got to keep busy!) I enjoy going to the gym, oh and drinking wine, but not at the same time obviously…
My favourite print from AW23 is the Silhouette print in Tiger – it took time to grow on me but now I can’t get enough.


Sales manager
I am the sales manager for Nomads clothing, which means I spend a lot of time on the road, visiting existing customers and bringing new customers on board. I work alongside our wonderful UK and EU agents, supporting them wherever I can. We will be opening our brand-new showroom in Crick, which I will be overseeing – exciting things ahead!
I absolutely love art and spend a lot of time visiting galleries with my friends, where we will get a bite to eat afterwards. I am based in west Kensington, so there are always lots of things to see. I enjoy dancing, especially Salsa dancing, and I always try to keep fit. I love going to France for a holiday, and also Norfolk, where I visit some close friends.  
My favourite print from AW23 is the wonderful Pomegranate print – I love the colours in this one.

Our Vision

We believe that small changes make the biggest impact, that's why we're always striving to be better. We know we're not perfect and we don't expect you to be either, what matters is that we're intentional and evolving. We want to drive the movement towards a more sustainable future and would love for you to join us in creating our vision. 


  • Lara Fredericks

    I always love NOMADS clothing ,although sometimes considered expensive it last for years, I have a combination of hand me downs from my mum and some of the new stuff…it’s great 😃

  • Shams

    What masterpieces I must say !!! Looking forward to meet you alll !!!

  • Georgina

    What a lovely, personal introduction to the team. It’s great to see the real faces behind the brand and the GORGEOUS prints for the new season!

  • Bernie Wilson (Ms)

    I do love the ethos of Nomads and have known the company for over 30 years when they were more ‘inspired hippy’ aas the history of how it started influenced back then. But it was the fact that it was at the start of the Fair Trade movement for me. Though I confess I was more Bishopston Trading, Bristol (who stopped trading several years ago).
    Nomads different as to the collection have more Jersey/Stretch/viscose lines, which suits my lifestyle now.

    I have bought items now and again from you over the years more recently the jacket, which is gorgeous but I can no longer the moment!! In my mind it should never have been for sale so not sure what the quality control happened. The lining was too much and not fixed properly into the jacket!! It was a bargain and perhaps this was why, but if the job lot were all like this and it seems they were (second one was re sent)! Then it Nomads should have mentioned it as the reason for clearance sale!
    I did speak to Alex about it and he was professional as well as helpful and polite so this is not a ‘dig’ Though I am living his write up about himself and who knew he is a qualified scientist! Plus for all of you it always lovely having a face to a name, and intriguing about people’s backgrounds.
    I am way too gregarious a personality not to be interested.
    However back to the jacket.. The experience did put put me off a little as I feel to be comfortable wearing the jacket I feel I will have to just have it re lined better.
    Apart from this just keep going I guess. As an original company wishing you all the best for the future.

  • Jane ELAM

    So lovely to see the people behind the scenes.

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