World Fair Trade Day

Incase you were wondering, the definition of a nomad in the Oxford Dictionary is: A member of a group of people who move from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time. 

However, as we like to tell you, though we are nomads, we love our home too. It is the mixture of our Cornish location and wonderful team, together with our passion for exploring and learning, that make Nomads what it is. As soon as we sling on our bags and hit the road, the adventure has begun. Senses become alive and the world feels fresh, exciting and inviting. Stories lie in every step, every train ride, fluttering butterfly, passing village and steaming cup of tea. Eyes are open and so is the heart, as friendships come easily when paths are yet to be set.

Of course, it makes you more vulnerable in many senses and travellers must be wise as well as open. But to risk falling, is to risk flying – and flying is pretty special. 
It’s impossible not to feel inspired being immersed in patterns, textures, warmth and kindness, crafts and traditions – huge expanses of open space and those crammed with bustling life. The good and the bad, the comfort and the discomfort, the drenching of the senses – and clarity. Ideas, community – working together.

You may wonder what all of these whimsical words are about. They are important, because they go some way to explain why we love and are committed to what we do. That Nomads is about more than clothing, it’s about appreciating the world, its beauty and treating people with kindness. As nomads, we breathe in places and cultures. As 80s backpackers Duncan and Vicky, Nomads’ founders, were so inspired by this, they began Nomads and have always supported fair trade. It continues thanks to the support of conscientious consumers, like you.
As we sit in Cornwall with a cup of tea, some of our team in India (see images in this post) and various home and away plans on the horizon, we are grateful for a safe and beautiful HOME and for the freedom to TRAVEL. 
World Fair Trade Day is today. Consumers and fair trade promoters are central to the movement. It is about fighting poverty, exploitation, climate change and the economic crisis through a transparent trading system, fairness and partnership. Show to the world that fair trade supporters are everywhere, by sharing it on social media channels with hashtags #FairTrade and #WFTDay


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