Slow Fashion Styling

Recently, we tried out something new with our styling and did a small photoshoot with the beautiful Michelle, who effortlessly wore some of our SS23 favourites. We wanted this photoshoot to focus on sustainable styling, featuring some second-hand staples.

Why second-hand?

Firstly, second-hand shopping provides us with the ability to prevent unnecessary waste. This is crucial in a world where fast fashion dominates the shops and tonnes of clothing end up in the landfills.
Repurposing old items can give them a new lease of life. Shopping second-hand also allows us to grow and develop our own styles, mixing and matching older garments with more contemporary styles to re-invent how the world sees fashion.
Our purchases matter more than we think. When we are mindful about our fashion choices, we are actively contributing to slow fashion movements, reinforcing the mindset that sustainable is attainable.
Below are a few of our second-hand styled outfits – let us know what you think.

Dare to denim

The beloved denim jacket is a great second-hand staple. Paired here with our luscious ombre cornfield gathered tunic dress, it’s an easy casual look.

Late night looks

The same dress but with a more sophisticated feel – great for eveningwear and dining out. Pair a second-hand suit jacket with some black heeled shoes and you’re all set for any occasion.


Shirt central

We love an oversized shirt, so grabbing yourself a plain (or patterned) one can really get you in the loungewear mood. Here we’ve paired a plain white shirt with some of our organic cotton leggings and an organic cotton t-shirt.

Essential accessories

This cute little bag was an absolute second-hand bargain. Coming in at £3, this bag looked great with our ecovero jumpsuit. Don’t forget to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!


  • Sally Lamphee

    I love the way you use models who are off normal size ,we are not all size 12 and below, I am a 18 and Nomads fortunately make gorgeous clothes that I know will fit .

  • Debbie

    What a beautiful model

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